Monday, April 29, 2013

Week 20 fitness

Wow!! May is here!! My baby will be one this weekend!! Yikers!!!

Hope you all have had a lovely week. I've been trying to get out early and run but if I don't I do an interval in the evening.

Saturday: 6.2 miles with TIU Bikini cardio
Sunday: 6.5 miles
Monday: 5 miles with Biker Babes workout by TIU, 20 minutes yoga, 2.5 mile walk
Tuesday: 4 mile run with intervals, 5 miles walk, 10 minutes yoga
Wednesday: 20 minute yoga, Sunseeker workout and Sunkissed abs by TIU
Thursday: 15 Detox yoga, 9 mile run with some Burpees, squats and push-ups in between
Friday: (planned) yoga and walking.
I have also been doing a plank a day. We started May 1. Today's plank is 2.15 minutes.

You can do it!! We are already in may!! Fell behind in getting fit?! No worries!! Now you've got some motivation to go and run, jump, or jog!! Live life and love it too!!!

Have a gorgeous weekend, Gorgeous!!!

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  1. It is just amazing how you've already managed to get into such great shape and your baby is just turning a year old!! You have the best attitude sweetie...I love when you link up. Thanks so much for being part of the group!

    1. Thanks Jen! I appreciate your encouragement and accountability!!


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