Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Book Review: Real Food

So this book freaking rocked my socks!!
It changed my mentality so much.


I had no idea that high protein diets were not healthy for you.
Sure you lose weight but is it "HEALTHY"?!

There is so much information that I learned from this book.

I want to share a little bit of it. I'm just gonna write her quotes and explain after.

So I'm giving you some of the gold nuggets I found helpful!!

"The simple truth is that there are no vegan societies."
Planck observes her findings about different societies, and there is no culture that is soley vegan.


"High cholesterol and heart disease are rare in cultures wehre people eat colesterol foods."

Lauric acid in breastmilk is critical for baby's immunity

"Lactoferrin from human milk is patented for killing E. coli in meat packing industry."

"Cholesterol is not the villain, the villain is what man does to his cattle and milk."

"Grains give cows and acid stomach," which can promote E. coli.

"[Chickens] if the flock is know to be infected, the eggs go to the 'breakers' market rather than being sold whole. Breakers are pasteurized and made into liquid egg products for restaurants."

"Chicken breast is bleached with chlorine."

"Without fat, digestion is impossible."

"Too much Omega-6 is a BAD thing."

"Omega 6 and Omega 3 should be at an optimal 1:1 ratio"

There is seriously so much more that was in my notes and in the book.

It was fascinating realizing that what we are told is NOT true.

Its actually very, very disappointing. You would think that America with all our resources, would be able to provide healthy choices.

Its just a HUGE corruption and too many people are making money of the unhealthy state of others.

Okay...now I've gotten too hippy on you all.

I really really recommend this book!!

I'm giving it the 6 out of 5 stars because it was BRILLIANT!!

I'm also hoping to read her book on feeding babies.

Have you read Real Food? Curious about eating fat? Let me know!!!

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