Friday, April 26, 2013

Week 19 fitness

I got a sweet gift this week from a favorite blogger...Mrs. Jen from Boys will be Boys!!

I Love. Love. LOVE it!! Don't you?!

All day I kept singing 'Drop it like a squat, Drop it like a squat."

This week was much better in terms of my workout routine. Are eating habits have been pretty good. I've been craving chocolate chip cookies though. A trip to the store is planned for today!!

Here is my fitness

Saturday: 4.7 mile walk/run
Sunday: 4 mile run for my friends mom, and a round of Tone it Up Slim without the Gym
Monday: ran to the store and back (2mile total), 49 minute yoga with Adrienne
Tuesday: 5.5 walk with a friend
Wednesday: 8 mile run with a friend using TIU Bikini Cardio
Thursday: yoga, TIU Bikini Strap workout, 4 mile walk
Friday: (planned) yoga, small walk

Hope everyone has a great week!! It will already be May!!

Do you have any goals for May?

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  1. My goal for May is commute by bike as the good weather has arrived. I have 5miles each way!

    1. Wow what a wonderful goal! Its so easy to rely on the car for communting, but you can so easily walk/bike to nearby places. Hope the weather stays nice for you. thanks for popping by!

  2. Just stopping by from the linkup! You're rocking it girl! You've definitely inspired me to step it up a notch. Ha! Feel free to stop by:

    1. Thanks Breanne! Just do what you can, when you can. I'm guilty of doing calf raises in the grocery store!

  3. So are you doing the TIU bikini series?!! I just love those girls..they are so motivational :-) And you look SO CUTE in your t-shirt!!! We all need to wear them and take selfies for a little virtual group picture :-) And thank you for the incredibly sweet comment on my post yesterday. You motivate me and inspire me too girlfriend...I am so happy we have all become fitness buddies!!!

    1. Thank YOU!! you are such an inspiration. I love the link up!! And yes I am doing the bikini series. I am loving their interval workouts, aren't you?! Have a wonderful week.

  4. Replies
    1. That song is in my head all day when I wear it!! Thanks Julie


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