Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Book Review: Exactly As I Am

I found this book at the library while searching for health and Fitness books.

So I had them put it on hold.

I didn't realize it was by Shaun Robinson, whom I think is adorable. So what a surprise it was to read this book, Exactly As I Am.

This book is packed full of inspirational stories, not typically a book I'd read, but it was very motivating.

Since coming back from being pregnant and having a baby, I have become very passionate about health and exercise.

I mean what better time to begin eating well than while raising a child who will eventually adopt my same eating habits.

Although a lot of my reading is all over the place. Fat is good, fat is bad.

Anyway, this book reminded me of all the insecurities I've had since high school.
This book is mainly written to a younger audience struggling to be the 'thin celebrity' that can actually be unhealthy.

I wish I had more positive books like this as a teen. I had pretty good self esteem, but I'll never forget when an older boy came up and punch my waist and said "looks like someone's had too many happy meals."

Totally made me feel insecure.

I wasn't dressed in tight pants or had my midriff showing, but even in my modest dress, I was too big to be attractive. Mind you I was 5'4" weighing 125-130.

It was those emotions that came to mind reading this book.

Had I not had faith founded in Christ, I would have been crushed and lead to disturbing habits or eating disorders.

I give this book a 3 out of 5. Great book for teens and very encouraging. However, it just didnt have anything truly remarkable about it.

How was life as a teen for you? Did you struggle with weight?

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  1. what a horrible comment that boy made. teens can be ruthless =( hope you are doing well, friend. It's been awhile...but i wanted to stop by and say hi!

    1. Thanks for popping over! I am doing well. And yes, boys are ruthless! Luckily I had some confidence to find his remark ridiculous!


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