Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Baby Go To Sleep Sleep

To sleep train or not? I feel like this is a question plaguing me for the past month.

Why can't I just have confidence in my our parenting?!

I know at some point Little Miss needs to be in her crib, but there is that one thought that keeps creeping back into my mind...

She just wants to be held.

And I have no problem with that.

A lot of the sleep training that I agree with has you go into the child's room and soothe them back to sleep even if that means 100 times a night.

That scares me.

Cosleeping has been so nice as once Little miss goes to sleep. She pretty much stays asleep (minus a night feeding and a few nursing to pacify moments).

I do think I need to create a bedtime routine.

Here is the plan:

6:00: bath
6:15: story and/or song
6:30: nurse
6:45: lay to sleep

I'm gonna be working on this and know that I do need to be flexible with her schedule as things come up.

What does your child's bedtime routine look like?

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