Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lent...My thoughts

Lent began this past Wednesday. I have participated in this tradition the past couple of years. I have given up several different things:

Talking on my phone while driving :) (glad this one has stuck)
Listening to the radio

There are so many distractions in this world that it can be so easy to just get caught up in STAYING BUSY!

That is definitely where I struggle.

Something ALWAYS has to be going on.

But this year I decided to give up something different.

I'm giving up my negative attitude.

Let me first say I have already messed up several times. And this is only the 8th day of Lent.

But I'm really trying to not be angry or snarky or sarcastic.

I want my words to be uplifting.

I want my time spent with others to be refreshing for them.

What I am, is a product of wanting to be the best. That is the firstborn girl in me. :)

I struggle with comparing myself to others.

To not being good enough.

To not deserving what I have, but also wanting what others have.

See its a tricky place to be.

And all this has created an inner hostility in me that causes stress.

I am that duck: trying to be cool, calm, and collected on the outside; and going mad under the water scrambling for perfection.

I have been reminded constantly in my time with God about how treasured and valued I am. Not just me but everyone.

So why don't I believe it?!

Years of building up walls, I'm afraid to let it come down.

Afraid I'll get buried and won't be able to see out.

Truth is I've already created that wall that prevents me from moving forward.

So here I am. Lent has just been over a week and although I've messed up, In committed to changing my attitude.

Did you give up anything for Lent? Share your thoughts below ;)

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