Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fitness week 7

This week was a lot easier than last week.

I've been trying to get back to eating healthier.

Valentines wasn't too bad.

I've consumed a lot of coconut macaroons.

I also stumbled upon organic coconut sugar and LOVE IT!!

It's got a toasted flavor too.

Thursday night I made nut tacos. I will post the recipe next week. They were delicious!!

Saturday: 20 minute yoga and 5 mile walk
Sunday: 6.6 mile run
Monday: 10 mile run
Tuesday: yoga
Wednesday: 4 miles of Intervals; arms and abs Love Your Body by Tone it Up
Thursday: Love your booty and valentines workout by Tone it Up; 3 mile walk
Friday: (planned) walk and yoga

I'm going to hot yoga again on Saturday. This time it is Bikram.

Have you done Bikram? It is very difficult and a true challenge for me!!

I can't believe we are now in the middle of February!! How are your health resolutions going? If you got off track, that's okay!! You have a brand new day tomorrow to start again!!


  1. I'm just in awe every time I read your workout list. 6 miles here, 10 miles there...craziness!!! You are so dedicated girlfriend. You inspire me. So tell me more about these fabulous cocunt macaroons you speak of...

    1. :) There are some weeks I just can't get enough running. And others where I wish I was more motivated. I just posted the Macaroons recipe on the blog :)

  2. Harder yoga?! So not ready for that one yet. I can barely do the basic moves. I think I need to start practicing at home.

    1. Yes harder, but not necessarily more fun. I loved this hot yoga studio nearby that just opened. They play fun music and its a hoot. But this Sunday was Bikram and it is very rigid and its always the same moves. But I like the challenge. You should do yoga. I really want to do a yoga video, but I'd have to be careful since I'm not a yoga teacher. :)


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