Monday, February 18, 2013

Running: Things I'm Loving

Here are a few of my favorite running accessories i'm loving or would love to love:

Belaga Hidden Comfort Socks:
 My MIL got these for me at Christmas, and I LOVE THEM. They are super comfy. If you are a long distance runner, I'm sure you've experienced the pain of blisters on your heels. These are so soft and thick, but they don't cause sweaty feet.

Under Armour Compression Cold Gear Tights:
I also got these for Christmas. And I really think they make me run faster. I do! I've been averaging just under 9 min/mi while pushing the stroller. They are really tight and I do have a hard time getting them off sometimes, but its totally worth it. Especially since they keep me warm in the cool weather.

Nike Lunar Glide 4+
So I'm totally a Nike girl. I've tried New Balance and Aisiacs, but I keep coming back to Nike. Plus I love all their fun colors. I like that they are snug and provide extra comfort. Since I mostly run with the stroller, I had to abandon my Nike Free Runs because they didn't offer much support. I also like that on Nike's website you can take a test to help you find the right one. I switched the laces to match a pair that Lilly got for Christmas. hehe

Charity Miles App

This really keeps me motivated to run. I feel like people are counting on me. I am currently running for Autism as February is National Autism Awareness Month. 
Will you join me?

Lucy's Race Your Heart Out Long Sleeve
I have an obsession with cute running/workout clothes. I always tell my husband about how I saw a runner in cute clothes. He thinks I'm silly.
Maybe its the comfort or the fit, but I really do love feeling 'cute' when I go running.
It's motivating to get a new pair of shoes. I feel that way about new workout clothes.
Judge all you want :)

Blogs that I am fueling up with motivation

Mom's Little Running Buddy
The Skinny Runner
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What are some of your favorite running items?

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