Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Book Review: FIT2FAT2FIT

Seriously, What an INTERESTING book!

Talk about commitment.
This is such a scary risk. The whole time I read it, I just kept thinking "what if he doesn't lose it, what if he gets sick".

I obviously knew he didn't (hint- fit2fat2FIT)

Drew Manning is essentially what I would be if I became a personal trainer. 
Driven, Health Nut, Exercise Freak, and Super Competitive.

He shares his story about how frustrated he was with his LAZY, overweight clients.
He would watch them sabotage themselves and therefore he associated that with laziness.

But he ended up learning a lot more when he decided to stop exercising and eating healthy.

After gaining 75 lbs in 6 months, it wasn't just weight Manning had to deal with.
He became tired, apathetic, and depressed.

He learned the chronic cycle that comes with weight gain.
"I can't do it, it hurts."
"Food will make me feel better."
"I'm too tired to workout."
"I can't do it, it hurts."

I give this book 4 out of 5 hearts.

I really made me sad to read what his wife wrote about this experiment.
This was definitely eye-opening and convicting.

"Don't judge me until you've walked  a mile in my shoes."

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