Friday, May 17, 2013

Week 22: Health and Fitness

This week our eating has been getting a lot better....however, summer is around the corner which means lots of bbqs, weddings, parties, and showers. I only hope that there will be more fruit than cake :)
my yummy powerbowl

This week I tried a new recipe: Quinoa Turkey Meatloaf. It was really really good. here is a link to the recipe: Quinoa Turkey Meatloaf.

I've also been enjoying some frozen mango and apples with peanut butter as a healthy dessert.

Still off of the coffee and enjoying some yummy teas.

Still doing great with yoga every day, and plank a day.
Here is my week in fitness. 

Saturday: 3 mile run in the stinkin' heat (ugh), yoga, plank
Sunday: 5k with my family, yoga, plank
Monday: 9.3 mile run, 20 minutes of yoga, 
Tuesday: 3.2 mile run, 25 minute yoga

Wednesday: 30 minutes yoga, 3.20 minute plank, Wedding Workout by Tone It Up, 3 mile walk

Thursday: 3 rounds of Surfer's Paradise, 20 minutes of yoga, 3.40 minute plank
Friday: (planned): run, yoga, plank

I'm hoping to hit 4 minutes of plank this weekend...keep your instagram pics flowing as thats what I do while planking :)

I'm hoping to give this page a little update. Please check back to see the new look :)

Have a great weekend!!
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  1. YUMMMM! that power bowl looks so nummy! whats in it? I love feeling healthy!!

    1. Thanks. I put brown rice, black beans, ground chickpeas, walnuts, chia seeds, tomatoes, avocado, basil, evoo, apple cider and balsamic vinegar and a little garlic powder.

  2. Okay so I just added you on Nike+ today and I about died when I saw that you've run over 63 miles this month already!!!!! OMG!!! You are such an inspiration Hannah! Seriously!! I think you need to be the next Tone it Up girl :-)

    1. aww you are too sweet. My goal this month is 102 miles. :) I'm so glad we are Nike friends now!! You are doing so great! I'm so impressed with all your running!!


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