Friday, May 24, 2013

Health And Fitness: Week 23

Hey ladies,

I'm so glad to be writing this on my computer, which has been clogged with all my photos of the little miss. I've had to delete some photos to make some room for new ones. Really?! Do I need 100 pictures of one photo session (well yes, but I sacrificed).

Anyway here is the health portion.

We eat too many carbs!! WAY TOO MANY!! I need to start eliminating some of these out and only have them once or twice a week. We have pizza, pasta, tacos, etc. Bread, bread, bread.
But I found this really yummy recipe, that I made some changes to: Stuffed Peppers. I will have our version on the blog next week :) They were delicious!!

This week I had to share the car, so I got very bored, thats why Tuesday and Wednesday I went running crazy!!

Saturday: 6 miles, 20 min yoga,
Sunday: 5.6 mile run, 20 min yoga
Monday: 30 min yoga, 3 rounds of Sunseeker Workout by Tone it Up

Tuesday: 8.65 mile run, 10 min yoga, 4.30 min plank, 3 mile interval Run
Wednesday: 3 rounds of Santorini workout, 20 minute yoga, 4.45 min plank, 6 mile run

Thursday: 25 minutes of yoga, 4.50 minute plank,
Friday: (planned)- yoga, run, plank

Hope you all have a wonderful week. Get some cardio in on Monday!! NO EXCUSES!!


  1. I like to ride my bike for my cardio!
    Happy friday and stay fit!

    1. thats great!! Biking is a wonderful cardio option. Its nice you can commute to work :)


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