Friday, May 31, 2013

Week 24 Health and Fitness

Hooray! I finally got in my long run this past weekend!!
I even PR'd
(well I think so, my Nike+ app wasn't working perfectly, but my Map My Run saved me)

Saturday: 13.3 mile run, 10 minutes yoga, 5.10 plank
Sunday: 3o minutes yoga, 5.15 minute plank
Monday: 10 minutes yoga, 5 minute plank, 6 miles
Tuesday: 10 minutes yoga, 5 minute plank, 4 miles
Wednesday: 20 minutes yoga, 2.25 mile run, Santorini Workout (1x), Thailand Tush (2x), 3.1 mile run, 5.20 minute plank

Thursday: 50 minutes of yoga with Tara Stiles, 5 minute plank

Friday: (planned) run, yoga, plank (the usual)

This week's been pretty good about eating. I ate a lot more meat than I usually do and I did make some yummy snickerdoodles that got me.
But for the most part lean, green, and clean!!

How did Memorial day go for you?

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  1. Becoming your friend on Nike+ was the best thing ever because seeing your mileage is SO MOTIVATING!!!! You are such a rockstar mama Hannah!!! Way to go on the long run!! Sorry this reply is so late, but thanks for linking up as always sweetie!!

    1. I love being friends too. This past week I saw you did 6 miles and I thought to myself, I better get moving!!


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