Saturday, May 18, 2013

Book Review: The Mommy Diet

Who hasn't watched the Biggest Loser or at least seen some clips. Talk about inspirational. But I have a hard time identifying with the contestants. I wished they would do Back to you Baby Body and Better show. Because weight gain from pregnancy, where negative habits may develop, is different because you can't stress your body too much, especially if you are still nursing.

Anyway, Alison Sweeney wrote the Mommy Diet, and well I had to check this out to see how it fared with my current thoughts on weight loss.

It was pretty good, definitely encouraging and complete opposite of the Jilliam Michael's boot camp tone (which I actually like). But Sweeney did a great job and showing compassion to readers about getting pregnant, being pregnant, and getting that body back!!

I really enjoyed this quick, easy read. 
Even a few illustrations of different exercises to be doing.
I really wish I would have read this during pregnancy.
I DEFINITELY recommend it for those interested in fitness and are pregnant or just had a baby.
There is NO judgement in this book, a main reason I recommend it.
It gives tips about what clothes to wear during pregnancy and offers a lot of support after you have the baby.
Its hard being pregnant and a new mom and hearing all sorts of different advice.
It really rains on my parade, if you catch my drift.

I gave this 4 out of 5 hearts.

Have you read this book? What books for new moms or pregnant moms do you recommend?

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