Thursday, May 9, 2013

Week 21-Health and fitness

Well this week we had cookies and cake and all sorts of naughty, unclean food. But I don't feel damaged and I actually feel good. 

We've been eating more 60/40 clean eating this past week. I got some yummy kale, chard and greens this week from our farmers market. I just love farmers markets. 

Everything is much more fresh!!

We also recently got a bunch of starter plants and I can't wait to plant them and have our own garden. 

Here is my week in fitness:

Saturday: 6.2 mile run did the itty bitty cardio by tone it Up 
Sunday: 40 minutes of yoga, bedtime yoga
Monday: 2.5 mile walk to grocery store and carried them home. 20 minutes of yoga
Tuesday: bikini cardio by tone it up(6miles), bedtime yoga
Wednesday: 30 minutes of yoga, Love your Arms by Tone it up
Thursday: 3 mile walk/jog,
Friday:(planned) Sunseeker workout and Surfs Up workout, yoga

I've also been doing the plan a day challenge via @RunSaraRun_ on Twitter. Tonight will be 3 minutes!!!

Hope you all had a lovely week!! May is here and bikini season is knocking, YOU CAN DO IT!!

I also just joined Under Armour's I WILL campaign. Check it out at 

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  1. Holy core! 3 mins??? I'm shaking after 30 seconds!!


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