Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Beginning in May, I decided to stop drinking coffee, along with a few other goals (you can read about it here).

There are a few reasons I decided to give up coffee.
Here are a few:
1. I think I was drinking too much. 2 sometimes 3 cups a day. It was a lot for me
2. I knew it would be a challenge
3. Breast Cancer runs in my family and I've read that caffeine can cause lumps to grow.

It sure hasn't been easy.
I love everything about coffee.
I love the smell.
The taste.
The environment and community of it all.
And the people.

I am soooo guilty of wanting to be a part of the crowd and hold that Starbucks cup.
Such good marketing!!

But I haven't actually weaned off of caffeine.
I've been drinking Mate tea, green tea, and occasionally black tea.

STASH has a decaf chai tea that is very flavorful.
I like it with a little sugar though (I wish I could drink it straight, but its strong)

It definitely hasn't been easy. I feel very tired at about noon. I know that its okay to take a little nap. They are so good for you, but sometimes I think that that is too indulgent, when there is stuff to get done.

So have you ever given up coffee?

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