Thursday, June 6, 2013

Book Review: Crazy, Sexy Diet

No seriously you must!!!

Kris Carr is phenomenal!
This book is full of great information, colorful pictures, great recipes, and encouraging words.
It made wanting a colonic fun?! Is that possible.
Kris' has a great story. She found out she had cancer and made a 360 degree turn with her eating and was able to stop her cancer growth.

Her book is solely based on a vegan/vegetarian diet.
I keep running into this concept. 
To eat meat or not.
If I raised my own cattle, I would definitely eat meat.
But she is right when she discusses its issues with digestion.
My favorite thing about her is that she has a 60/40 encouragement of this diet. 
A diet isn't really a quick fix, its a lifestyle change. I like this 60/40 because it allows you some freedom, but she also mentions working toward having an 80/20 goal of this diet.
Looking at my diet, I will say that I am very close with this, maybe 70% following and 30% not.
I've gotta work on eliminating carbs out of the diet. But they are cheap and easy.

I definitely give this book 6 out of 5 hearts. Get it now!!

I've also read the book above and it is filled with lots of quality recipes I am very excited to try out!!

How are you a clean eater?

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