Thursday, June 27, 2013

Book Review: Why We Get Fat (and what to do about it)

This was a great read!
FULL of information and I'd probably need to reread it to understand it all.
Luckily Taubes repeats his research and references it often enough to where I was able to follow along.

However, once again I am confused on what to eat.

Taubes main message boils down to a no starch, no sugar diet. This also includes some fruits (bananas) and veggies (potatoes). It also requires eliminating grains and beans.
But is heavy on eating meat.
His basis is that humanity relied on meat and didn't have all the cancer, heart, and obesity issues we are seeing in today's population.

After reading this, I ate more meat and tried to eliminate starches.
I tried a week.
I'm sure I could have gone longer.

But the following week I ate more green, grains, and fruits and felt so much healthier.

That is what works for me.

I can cut out sugar, but dark chocolate will still be my go to sweet.

My purpose for reading all these books is to have knowledge to share and to figure out how I can keep my family healthy.

Please feel free to ask me any questions. Where I may not be a nutritionist (yet), I love to learn and share what I have learned.
Guess thats the teacher in me. :)

I gave this book a 4 out of 5 hearts.

A great read, and necessary, but a little over informational.
Not a bad thing, but I like books with more application than information, I suppose.

Are you a meat eater? Not a fan of veggies? 

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  1. Yeah, it's everyone's opinion right? Eat this, don't eat that....blah, blah, blah .....I know for me....I recently went essentially Paleo....trying to figure out my stomach issues, but also decided I was tired of eating all the CRAP in the food...I'm cutting out anything with a label almost entirely... Doing it for 30 days, see how I fee....check out my blog

    1. I love that anagram CRAP (Carbonated junk, Refined sugars, Artificial, and Processed foods). It does get a little stressful at times not knowing what to eat. I would say that our diet is pretty much a mix of paleo, vegetarian, but includes dairy. I hope that you find out what is up with your stomach issues and I will definitely check out your blog :)

  2. This is the book my whole family basically eats from :) We eat a high meat/dairy/veggies diet with fruits that aren't starchy. It's been so cool to see my mom completely stop her cholesterol medicine when she's eating eggs and bacon for breakfast! The Dr's don't believe her but after years of her eating their oatmeal diet she decided to try this! We eat this way but we still eat some grains like rice and beans but pretty much avoid all flower products :)

    1. I really liked his perspective and it made so much sense. Its really hard to change my mindset of what goes in/out isn't true. Thanks again for recommending this book. I really liked it.


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