Monday, June 17, 2013

What's for Dinner: Week 2

Meal planning is a struggle. I am not an organizer by design, I really had to work on it. Kinda like running, once I started I couldn't get enough. Plus I LOVE printables!!
I recently just created my own planner, by searching Pinterest for some sweet organizational templates.

Meal planning has really helped me stay focused while grocery shopping. Since recently completing FPU and creating a monthly budget, its important that I spend money on what we need, not what looks good at the moment.

I used to grocery shop for the staples: rice, pasta, chicken, sausages, lots of fruits and veggies. And a then fun yogurts, healthy chips, sweet snacks. And even at 100 bucks a trip, I felt like during the week we didn't have any meals.

Its so interesting now, how like I mentioned, I over cook and have too much food. But ostly because something comes up in the week, like meeting friends, or dinner with family that gets in the way of eating leftovers.

Well on to the good stuff!!

Here are my meals:
Monday: Chicken Quesadillas (I found this on the side of a Crushed Red Pepper shaker)
Tuesday: Burgers
Wednesday: Teriyaki Chicken Bowls
Thursday: Chicken Piccata (excited to make this one)
Friday: Stirfry
Saturday: Dinner with Family
Sunday: W.Y.C.F (whatever you can find)

There are some days when I overcook and we have tons of food left over. I call them Whatever You Can Find days, its more fun than 'leftovers.'

Hope you have a great week with planning!!

Have fun!!

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