Saturday, June 1, 2013

She Reads Truth: 1 Year Anniversary

I stumbled upon this last summer in July. She Reads Truth is an online community of women that share their thoughts and encourage one another in their faith.

YouVersion is an app that has all the She Reads Truth plans, but you can also use the You Version website, the She Reads Truth website, or sign up for their newsletter.

I've really treasured this study. 
I think my favorite has been Proverbs but its so hard to tell. 
They have all be faith changing. 

Prior to finding SRT, my bible really just collected dust.  
I wanted to be in a study, I wanted to be challenged. 
But with every goal, you need accountability to get there. 
And that was something missing. 

I have fallen more in love with Christ this past year. 
I've become more patient and wise. 

And I know I'm still a work in progress. 

There has definitely been a change in how I approach situations in my life. 
I have been reminded constantly how great God's love is for me and humanity. 

Despite all the tragedy our country has seen this year, God is so faithful and his grace has been revealed time and time again. 

I am so grateful for these women who participate in this community and those who have listened to the calling to pursue writing and investing in She Reads Truth!!

You've just gotta check them out!!  

Happy First birthday She Reads Truth!!

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  1. And we are grateful for you! Thank you for taking time to share your thoughts here. xo

    1. Of course!! Wish I would have had time to vlog. I could talk forever about SRT!!

  2. Proverbs was one of my favorite studies to!!!

    1. Yeah! I loved how simple, yet how much I learned from it!


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