Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Walnut Chickpea Burgers

We have this lovely little place near Sacramento called the Sunflower Drive-In.
It is home to the most fabulous Nut burger.
Even before I knew what a vegan really was, I indulged in this vegan/vegetarian place.
The menu is full of natural goodies, like Falafel and Nut Tacos.

I've always experimented with different ways to make nut burgers.

This is one of the simple ways.

1/2 bag of soaked chickpeas
1 cup ground walnuts
3 T of flax seed
3 T of water

Put chickpeas in food processor and blend until still chunky.
Combine ground walnuts, chickpeas, flax seed and water.
Add any flavorings (I use garlic powder).
Form into patties.
Cook in a pan and Enjoy.

These burgers are messy and tend to fall apart. I have also used this  as a mixture for tacos and added the taco seasoning to it.


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