Wednesday, June 5, 2013

How Running Has Made Me a Better Person

For My Fellow Runners

I'd never thought I could run a mile, let alone 13 of them.

But each day, I strap on my shoes and head out.

Some days I run hard.

Others I need to walk.

Sometimes I bring water, but usually not.

Running for me is therapy.

To be able to run is such a gift (although many would say a curse :)

Running has made me a better person.

Each mile I sort through my angst, my pain, and anger.

I relive each memory, conversation, and dream.

I think of how I can be a better person, mom, wife, Christian.

Each mile I run, I pray for those who are hurting, lost, and rejoicing.

I thank God for what I'm blessed with.

When I run, I run to be a better person.

Why do you run?

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