Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Letters


Dear Friday, I am excited that you are here. Even though you are bringing the Cali heat strong this week. I forgive you! I've waited all year for the sun, so I guess I will deal with the heat too.
Dear Body, I am ready for your to get back into shape. Tomorrow marks 6 weeks and I will be running so get ready! I am grateful for all the hard work that you put into giving me our precious Lilly. Now we gotta get good looking again.
Dear Lilly, you are everything and more to me. You are such a sweet and wonderful baby and I fall more and more in love with you everyday! You are perfect. I love your little blue eyes and how they captivate me. I love that you smile when you are done feeding. I love that you are learning to grab and use your hands. I love your sounds!
Dear Husband, You are amazing. The man that I love so dearly and has blessed me with a a great baby and a beautiful marriage. You continue to spoil us and care for us. We are so lucky to have you! Not every man is willing to work as hard as you do to allow the mother of his child(ren) to stay home. We are lucky girls to have you! I can't imagine spending a moment without you. I'm excited about the next year as we move into the dance of parenthood together. Thank you for growing me and being patient with all my unpractical wisdom :) love you babe!
Dear God, What can I are beautiful! I am so in love with your creation and having Lilly makes me realize how great you are. You are magnificent and gracious. I am speechless and know that there are no words that can express my love and devotion for you. I hope that today I can show your love and grace to others and be selfless. Please teach me to be more like your son, Jesus

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  1. awesome blog! love how clean cut it is and the header is darling! so glad i found you via the link up xo

  2. Thank you very much! I was always afraid that there wasn't enough on it! I need to switch our header picture so that our Little Miss is in it! Thanks for following!


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