Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wordless Wednesday Reveal

Okay here is the story that goes with the picture:

We had our wedding at my dad's girlfriends house. We were getting ready in the living room, while the boys were getting ready at my in-laws. It was so fun. Everyone curling their hair. Putting on dress. Chatting about the event. And faces being decorated. My girlfriend was helping me put on jewelry...when all of a sudden I saw a man in a brown suit walk by the window. I dropped to the floor. Everyone was laughing and looking at me like I was a dodo bird. I explained what happened and sure enough it was my hubby that walked by. As many times as we explained to the boys not to walk by the house. They did anyway. It was such a moment and we were lucky to get it captured. I love these pictures that represent a unique experience that was captured on our wedding day. I love photography for this reason. Here are a few other funnies:

Do you have  any unique stories from your wedding day?


  1. I hope to! Just wish the day would hurry up and get here even though I'm trying to enjoy every moment. *love* the pictures...they seemed to have captured the day perfectly! Note to self...make the groom wear a blindfold!

    1. It will come! It goes by quickly. I suggest a videographer, even if it is just an amateur! Its so fun to watch it later.

  2. You're adorable!! Looks like such a fun wedding! And good call on the diving down to the ground! :) xoxo


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