Thursday, June 14, 2012

My new favorite thing:

I first stumbled upon this a while ago when I began reading The Happiness Project (which I am still reading). It is a way to find groups with similar interest and hang out. There are mommy playgroups, and fitness groups, among other things. It is so much fun and I get addicted to it. I keep trying to find ways to integrate myself into this community. I don't want to be stuck at home and I desperately need face time with mommies. I had my first meet up last Tuesday and it was wonderful. I met a lot of great mommies and am excited about future events! Its so nice to be a part of community.


  1. You look beautiful, Miss Hannah! I love Lilly Mae's little smile, too! So glad you are finding support with other mommies. You can always call me if you need some grown up time, too!

  2. where was this meet up? yelena's been wanting to go to one.

    1. She can got to and it is under Folsom moms


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