Monday, June 25, 2012

Why I blog

Good Morning Readers!!

There have been several posts out there about why bloggers blog. And I've never shared why I blog. The first thing that comes to my head as a reader is that a blogger must think that they have some unique wisdom that hasn't been shared before. 
Its a pride thing?! 
But really its not. 

It's more about documenting your life story and hoping that someone can relate. We all have moments in life of joy and trial and sometimes its easier to live without abandon on a blog than in real life. That may sound like a shell that me as a blogger can share my true feelings in real life. 

Welp...most people that know me know that I tend to not have a filter and need to practice my manners sometimes. But I love reading other peoples blogs, especially when they go on rants. It makes me feel connected. Sure I like reading articles about parenting and love, etc., but it is so much more personal when I can hear the emotions in someone's writing. 

It is in our nature as women I think to have a venting session every now and then. Not gossip, but a chance to let someone hear our voice and listen/comment on our thoughts. 
I love reading other blogs and commenting because I know that thats why I blog...for connection. I want to know that I write or do is interesting, inspiring, or causes a reaction. I don't think that I need validation from everyone (well every now and then...I'm not perfect) :). 

But I really love to chronicle my life. It is easier for me to type out the moments in life then write them down. I used to be a serious journaler (I think I made this word up). I have at least 20 journals from high school. I've kept them all because they still are a part of me. Every now and then I will go back and look at what was going on in my life and also how I was feeling. It is especially funny to read what a high school girl in love wrote (Ah, embarrassing).

I really love to share my life with others in hopes that they may be able to relate or set the record straight. I know that my thoughts aren't perfect. 

On a quick side note, that is one thing that makes it hard about being a Christian. It's not the standard that people expect your to be at,  it drives me wild that there are so many people in this world that have been burned by 'Christians" because they made them feel like caca. I love having debates with people, especially other Christians. Isn't it important to know why you believe what you say. Many people get irritated by my desire to debate :)

But I feel like I want that from readers to. I don't always expect positive remarks. Especially when I begin writing more about parenting and childbirth.

I like to blog for myself and to gain connection with others.

 I'm sure this is totally unorganized, but that is just a glimpse into the crazy world I think in. 
Why do you blog? What prevents you from blogging? Is there any thing that you won't blog about?


  1. Hi! I'm following you from the Mom's Monday Mingle blog hop! Look forward to reading more! I would appreciate the follow back! Thanks! -Kat

    1. Thank you! I really like your blog too!

  2. I love this, Hannah! I love all your reasons for blogging and I think they're perfect! I used to always post funny facebook statuses about my kids, but I used to always wonder if people (specifically single or non-parent friends) got annoyed that I talk about my kids so much. When I started my blog, i really felt like it was my little home! Now that I've made blogging friends who join in my conversations (like you, sweet friend!), I realize that I really love blogging for myself and the community, just like you said! Such a thoughtful post, friend!

    1. Thank you! I'm sure it was a puzzle to read. I'm not very clear with my thoughts :) I agree! I stopped posting on Facebook because I didn't want to load up everyone's timeline with pictures of Lilly. But your right I do feel like this is my little home! I love your blog and I'll keep voting for it :) Good Luck


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