Friday, June 8, 2012

This month

Lilly Mae has been growing so fast! I can't believe 5 weeks has come and gone!! Here are a few of my favorites.

Despite the lack of sleep ( which I won't complain about), I love sleeping with her. Her cuddles are priceless.

Sometimes when she is done feeding she will smile.

She is enamored with the fan.

Thursday, June 7 I swear I got some real smiles and really felt bonded to her.

She loves to chug while eating. So much so that she forgets to breathe.

She enjoys the swing, but would rather have mommy hold her.

Good sleeper and happy eater.

Loves to pee while I'm changing her diaper ( I know I've gotten some true smiles then too).

Likes to be in the stroller while Mom walks.

Loves to cuddle with Daddy.

Loves her baths. No tears.

We are so blessed by our sweet gal! She is better than a milkshake! (I boy do I miss those).

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