Monday, June 18, 2012

“What the Baby Books Don’t Tell You”

I wanted to share with you what some other bloggers are doing:
What the Baby Books Don't Tell you."
I think the after part of birth is very mysterious. We had wonderful midwives and has a beautiful birth experience (you can read it here) They really did a great job ensuring that we understood all about labor. 

The moments after birth, I was so in love with everyone, but I definitely didn't want to have another baby at that moment. There is so much going on and even still I struggle with wanting another baby because I love Lilly so much and it's hard to think that I will love another just as much. 
The love that baby books describe is unlike what I thought it would be. I imagined it to be the same love that I have for Steven, but it is so different. Every day I fall more in love with this little being that was created inside me. 

I didn't realize how much Momma Bear I would have. I miss her if she is not in my arms constantly. I hate to leave the room without her. I am so protective of her. I sometimes have to ask for her back after others have been holding her.

The feeling of motherhood is different for everyone, but I can't complain. I was blessed with a gift that not every woman can have. I truly treasure it and do not take it for granted. I know that its hard, messy, and full of worry, but none compares to the amount of love that I have fore her.

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  1. Thanks for linking up to Tuesday Tango! Happy to follow you back! Motherhood is such a ride, no?


    1. It is such a ride. One I never thought I'd love so much!!

  2. I am such a momma bear too! I my oldest is two and I freak out at the thought of sending her to school all day every day some day. So glad you had such a wonderful birth experience. I did, too:)

    Jessie Lynn @Bloominthedetails


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