Friday, January 18, 2013

2013-Week 3 Fitness

Here is my Log of fitness activities this week:
Saturday: 4 mile walk with baby and dog
Sunday: 7.5 miles (I ran a mile for each touchdown the 49ers scored, plus a little extra for field goals.)
Monday: 13.4 miles and some mild stretching
Tuesday: 40 minute yoga, 1 hour yoga with a friend, and Lean Legs by Tone it up
Wednesday: Holiday Arm Workout, And Dare Night Cardio by Tone It Up
Thursday: 4 mile walk
Friday: planned- a little yoga and 4 mile run

I'm still on My Fitness Pal! It's going very well and love encouraging others. Please join me (username: littlemrshurley)

I do need to work on having a healthy mindset. I know that I act around food will be evident to my children. I don't want them to think food is bad or worry about gaining weight. I know this is a huge task for myself.

I have a few recipes that will be on the blog next week: Buffalo Blue cheese burgers and ground turkey Stirfry.

Have a healthy week!!


  1. Just stopped by via coffee date, nice read!

  2. Oh you know...just a little 13.4 mile run ON A MONDAY!!! are amazing. I can only dream of being able to log those kind of miles on a regular basis. You really are an inspiration. Thanks so much for linking up again!!!

    1. Thanks Jen for your encouragement. I stay at home so that makes it easier to run these long miles. I'm hoping I can go back to work part time. Very part time ;)


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