Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Buffalo Blue Cheese Turkey Burgers

This year I really wanted to start healthier and as a family. we decided that we would eat healthier and also begin eating at the table. We usually eat dinner while watching Family Feud.

We decided that now that Lilly is really starting to eat foods we should start eating at the table.

Anyway I've been trying new recipes and using a lot of turkey and chicken and the occasional beef but it seems like it's always the same meal and I lack creativity. So on Rachael Ray, she had done Buffalo cauliflower tips and so I decided to do a spin on that and do buffalo blue cheese turkey burgers.

What I did was I went to the store and I bought the Red hot extra hot buffalo sauce, some reduced fat blue cheese crumbles and Bolthouse has a great yogurt bleu cheese dressing.

I prepared the turkey by combining half a bottle of red hot buffalo sauce and also combining about half cup blue cheese crumbles.
I use my hands got a little dirty and combined this and then created seven slider sized burgers I then put them in the fridge for about two and half hours to let the flavors marinate.

then I got my barbecue ready and barbecue then I made sure not to squish the burgers. If you squish your burgers and that pushes all the juices out and turkey burgers they don't have to much fat in them.

I left my barbecue about seven minutes on one side and seven minutes on the other but you just kind of have to watch it and then I decided to use lettuce wraps instead of buns just to save on carbs and then you send heirloom tomatoes some avocado and then I just hit it with the Bolthouse yogurt dressing and it was and Fantabulous!!

16 oz of Red Hot hot buffalo sauce
1 bottle Bolthouse Creamy Yogurt Bleu Cheese Dressing
2 lbs Ground turkey
1 small tub of reduced fat Bleu Cheese crumbles

Romaine Leaves (optional for use instead of a bun)

And they are only 177 calories (before the fixings)!!!


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