Saturday, January 12, 2013

She Reads Truth: Fresh Start

I have been doing the She Reads Truth project for quite some time now. I fell behind for a while and really cracked down and got better.

If you have no idea what I am talking about. She reads Truth is an online community, that provides women with a bible study devotional. It's great because they use all sorts of social media. I also really like that there is accountability.

Anyway, this year we began with the study Fresh Start. There have been readings in Genesis, Exodus, John, Corinthians, etc. I really like the devotional and the fact that I can read it anywhere because it is available on the YouVersion Bible app.

I realizing that I do need a fresh start. I need to change my mentality. The other day I wrote about how hard I am on myself. I create these absurd expectations for myself.

I know it's because I lack confidence in myself.

And I think too much?

Do you do that?

It always gets me in trouble. I find myself judging myself against others. Feeling inadequate and having a huge pity party for myself.

I am realizing that I am of worth. I am a good mother, wife, friend, sister, but not because of anything I can do. I don't win friends by trying to make myself perfect.

God is reminding me to be thankful and be present.

I am finding that I need to restart and refocus.

My word for this year is still undecided by it is definitely centered around the idea of being reborn, new, fresh, clean.

What word comes to mind?

Have a blessed weekend!!

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  1. i do the same thing. i really judge myself against other mothers alot. sometimes i feel so scattered and inadequate. like my life is so much more chaotic and embarrassing than everyone elses...but God called me to love my kids. my husband. sure there are things i could work on, but I am thankful God is teaching me also that I am worth more than I think...


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