Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Today was a hard day: Being mommy is tough

Today was a tough day. I had a little crying sesh. I realize I am WAY TOO HARD ON MYSELF.

I'm sure some of you can relate.

I don't have to be a martyr, just a mommy.

But somehow I think that the house must be spotless, baby laughing, and a healthy organic meal on the table every night.

Who am I kidding?! Myself obviously!!

Sometimes I forget to ask for help.

I think that if I ask for help I show my weakness and therefore I am now on the table to be judged. I know that's not really the case.

I've totally exhausted myself. I guess the holidays took more toll on my spirit than my weight ;).

I missed being around my mommy friends and unfortunately once I was around them, I failed to show kindness through my pain.

It's so humbling to hear people forgive you when you feel undeserving.

I feel like I have to be the BEST at everything! I Hate this about me. I HATE That I compare myself to everyone. Just when you think you are doing great, BAM, you walk into a wall and get a reality check.

I need to just give myself a break. I need to let go of my perfectionist ways and really let God do the rest. I need to stop trying to be in control.

After writing all this, I already feel better. I am so grateful to have friends that can check ya when your just not yourself.

Tonight our family added another resolution: Don't sweat the small stuff.

So appropriate!! ;)

Thank you for reading and letting me share my heart ;)


  1. Oh yes I have been where you are at! Thats exactly what I started thinking, house spotless (check off list), dishes in dishwasher (check off list, and the list kept going from morning until evening! But now I dont worry about the small stuff, that stuff will be there the next day, but that day you cant get over again! You are doing wonderful!

  2. I totally get this! I think it's part of the reason I sometimes feel depressed!
    I wonder what I'm doing wrong when the toddler is throwing a fit/hitting me, when I can't calm the baby down.
    I get super upset about the apartment being a mess. I want it to be spotless. I feel like that's what others expect! LIES!
    I get mad at myself about what we do have for dinner or what I eat in general. Getting better though!

    Thanks for sharing your heart! God can work on this perfectionist attitude if we let him! =)

    1. Thank you Kassie! You are an awesome mommy!! I love your IG feed with all your babies!!

  3. Oh yes. I understand this. For me it's a constant battle between trying this and living in His grace. Hugs to you momma!!

    1. Thank you for your kind words!! Hugs to you


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