Monday, January 21, 2013

Healthier Choices

Since the new year has begun. So have resolutions to eat healthier and cleaner.

I know there are a slough of diets that can help you eat better.

Watching Dr. Oz doesn't help because by the end of watching his show for a week, you've realized that every type of food of bad and every type of food is good.

Welp...that's not helpful.

So whether you are doing a diet or not. Let me encourage you in this.

DON'T DIVE IN!! Well, set your intentions good, but don't be afraid to fail.

Sure you can have a piece of cake, does it have to be a big piece, no, but you can have some.

I'm realizing too how media has caused me to be raised looking at food as a negative.

It will make you gain weight if you eat too much. I want to be beautiful and that means being skinny.

I really need to work on THAT more than my diet.

We are now raising a girl and I want her to have positive thoughts on food. Many good choices.

Well here are a few ways I make healthier choices through my day;

Fage(Greek yogurt) for sour cream
Egg whites for egg yolks
Quinoa for rice
Fruit for starchy snack (Cheezits)
Chicken/turkey for beef (not always because I like beef too)
Add fruit to water to encourage more consumption

Here are some helpful ways to encourage more veggies in your routine:

Eat colorfully: try to have 3-4 different colors on your plate

Grate Mushrooms into food: my girlfriend taught me this. She does it for her little one who doesn't like them.

Oh Kale: My husbands least favorite. Incorporate it into spaghetti sauce. You'll never know.

How do you integrate veggies into your diet?


  1. Just checking in sweet Lady! This is a great topic, and I agree media really does a number on your psyche when it comes to food and body image. It is so great that you are taking a deeper look at this now before your sweet lil one gets older to start studying momma's habits. Good or bad those girls are paying attention.


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