Friday, January 17, 2014

Fitness Friday Link Up

Welcome Friday and Followers!! 

It's another edition of

Lately, I've been really loving barre! It such a great workout and I feel like a ballerina. I compare it to Standing Pilates. Here is a video by Tone it Up that is a goodie!

Barre is such a great workout. Those of you who are not fans of yoga, because its too slow, will enjoy Barre. It stills leans out your muscles, which is very important. When muscles aren't streched properly, injuries occur. I challenge you to try I DARE you to :).

Saturday: 1 hour barre and 8 miles treadmill run
Sunday: Sunrise Stretch and Sunrise Routine by Tone It Up
Monday: 4 mile run , fine toning by Tone It Up
Tuesday: 7 mile run, Love Your Total Body 2, yoga video

Wednesday: Arms video, 5 miles
Thursday: HIIT the Beach 2
Friday: 5 mile run and maybe barre or yoga

Have you tried Barre? Are you a fan of Pilates?


  1. I still haven't tried Barre but I heard it's an amazing workout! Awesome week!

    1. Thanks so much! Barre is so much fun! And it can also be so different depending on the instructor. Thanks for stopping by!


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