Friday, January 10, 2014

Fitness Friday Link Up: The First of 2014

Welcome 2014!
Last week we missed out on Fitness Friday. We were recovering from our trip to the ER. With that over, this week I've really stepped up my game in fitness. Maybe frustration, pent up anxiety, or just the new year, I'm sure motivated.
I decided to train for a marathon. Call me crazy, I know. I haven't even signed up for one, but want to try and train for one prior to planning for the next Hurley.:)
I've also decided to cut out added sugar from my diet. I need to start over because I ordered a Caramel Flan Frap from Starbucks. That is chalk full of sugar, but it was free. It hasn't been too hard to let go of sugar. I have frozen Craisins in the freezer for when I need a little something sweet.

Notice I said "ADDED" sugar. Sometimes there is just no way around it. I definitely pass up added sugar to my coffee, chocolate, candy. It may be my new outlook on fitness, but I really have taught myself how dangerous and destructive sugar is.

I also began using my Beach Babe video from Tone It Up. I love it. Great workouts. These ladies kept me fit after having a baby. And they now have a show on BRAVO. I'm so proud of them! Sometimes it feels like I know them...then I remember I don't :). Their exercises are fun and definitely impactful. I have gained a lot of support and community from participating in their workouts. You've gotta check them out!

Here was my week in Fitness:
Saturday: 8 mile run
Sunday: Beach Babe Sunset Stretch video, and 15 minute yoga workout by Atoning Yoga
Monday: 4 mile run, Full Barre workout
Tuesday: 6 mile tempo run, fine toning on Beach Babe
Wednesday: 5 mile run, Love your Total Body 2 by Tone it Up

Thursday: HIIT the Beach, Sunkissed Abs
Friday: 4 mile run, Barre

I hope that you are having a wonderful week in fitness! What is your favorite cardio activity?

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