Friday, January 31, 2014

FItness Friday: Welcome February

Welcome to Fitness Friday!

I've been incorporating more planks into my daily routine. I LOVE planks! They are by far one of my favorite fitness moves. Even though holding a plank, can be just as brutal as giving birth, its so versatile too. Side Plank, Plank Dips, Forearm Plank, Plank Jacks....the list truly goes on! They are also so simple and they travel lightly :).

The weather has still be warm in California. Although we got some rain and snowfall, we are far from what we will need. Bikini season won't be fun on a sand valley with a few wet puddles. 
I went for a run yesterday morning hoping I'd catch a few raindrops, but no luck. At least it was wet on the ground.

Since beginning this task of marathon training, I've realized how much I truly love running. I lace up and get out their even if I don't want to. Because in the end I realize how muhc I lOVE it. I sort through so many problems and pray and try and get over my 'me-ness.' It is my therapy! I'm still wondering what marathon to sign up for. I am not looking for a fun race, but one that I can support a great cause. 

Saturday: 12 miles
Sunday: Sunrise Stretch
Monday: 5 mile run, Fine Toning by Tone It Up,  Set the Bar Workout
Tuesday: 7 mile run, 
Wednesday: 5 mile run
Thursday: 5 mile run; Love Your Body Kettlebell, Love Your Arms and Abs
Friday: 5 mile run

Remember this week to make healthy choices, but enjoy taking care or yourself!! 

What are you training for? Do you have any favorite fitness mantras?

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