Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Motherhood and Sleep Part 2

Since Lilly's trip to the ER, sleep has been different in our house. The week after I was so scared to have her sleep away from me, we had her sleep in our bed. Luckily she is not too much of a mover. After a week, we tried to transition her to her bed. However, it was unsuccessful. She screamed and hollered. It just wasn't worth it and I felt like maybe I underestimated how traumatic the experience was.

So bedtime has made quite an adjustment. And although it takes a lot longer for her to fall asleep, I find myself laughing and having happy tears while she falls asleep.

This is Lilly's method to falling asleep:
She rolls around on the bed.
Asks for a leg massage.
Asks for water
Sits on my head
Rolls around on my face
Repeat the above
Rests her head on my shoulder and finds a comfortable position and falls asleep.

She is a serious massage addict, but I don't mind giving her chunky thighs a good rubbing. It's definitely not what I anticipated at 20 months, but mommyhood sure keeps me on my toes.

How and where does your little one sleep?

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