Saturday, January 11, 2014

Why I Can't Just Run

It seems that all I share about is my love for running. I know I'm obsessed. I never thought I was an outdoorsy kind of gal, but I crave hitting the pavement and rest days are SOOOOOOO difficult for me. 

I've noticed that since having Lil and doing more weights/toning my running has gotten stronger. I will say it was its strongest when I was doing hot yoga daily. Stretching is key to avoiding injuries, but its easier said then done. I got a foam roller from Christmas and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It helps me stretch my muscles and gets me excited about stretching after running (I'm not sure that's possible, but it really works. You know how new running clothes make you faster. Like that!)

I've been working hard on staying strong and not skinny. I still have those nasty inner thoughts that tell me I need to be thinner, but you know that saying "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels." I think its wrong! Nothing feels as good as being STRONG! I love that I can throw Lil around, even though she's pushing close to 3o lbs (Way to go, LIL!!). I love that I can run and play with her. 

This is another reason why I want to start some sort of mommy workout community. Accountability is so important to staying on top of your health. It's easy to let your mind ttrick you into one more cookie and a week away from the gym. But when you incorporate friendship and camaraderie, who can resist that?!

I think that's why I'm so inspired by the Tone It Up ladies. They have realized the importane of being a part of a loving, health centered community. And they make it fun!!

Anyway, as much as I love to run, I'm trying to find more of a balance in my fitness life. 

However...did I mention that I'm training for a marathon...when will I learn?!

Do you have a fitness friend who keep you motivated? Who inspires you to stay healthy?

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