Friday, January 3, 2014

Our ER story: Febrile Seizures Edition

You never know what a day holds and yesterday held a lot. 

Yesterday we woke up to having a good nights rest after a few nights of Lil not getting much rest. 7 am felt good. As I got Lil up she seemed fussy and refused to eat. Later we both cuddled up on the couch and fell asleep. I woke up after little while and decided to lay her down on the couch and continue getting things done. 

At about 8:55, my world stopped. Time slowed, as I saw Lil stiffen and struggle to breathe. Her body locked up and her eyes rolled back. I kept her on her side and tried to rouse her. But after screaming her name I knew only 911 would do. After calling them, she stopped breathing. 

She stopped. In that moment, I preyed that if this be the day she leaves Lord, please let it not hurt. Her body was limp and pale blue and as I shouted her name I heard it echo in our house. 

She eventually came back, but what felt like forever was only a few seconds. Her breath was labored as she fell back asleep. My phone call lasted 7 minutes before the paramedics arrived. 

They noticed how larthargic she was and when they finger pricked her she woke up screaming. I was never so happy to hear a baby cry!!

We rode in the ambulance to the ER where I sang her to sleep, worries we may experience another episode. 

As we were wheeled in, the places wires on Lil and hooked her up to a machine. I was so fortunate to hold her on the gurney during this time. And although she was a trooper, she still struggled with all the unfamiliar faces. 

They eventually gave her a chest scan and urine sample and determine that it must have been a febrile seizure. 

I knew it. With no one in our family history having had seizures and with Lilly's recent illness. This must have been the diagnosis, although they weren't "certain." They have to diagnose her with something, but I was pretty confident r she did have one. 

Here is a definition of a febrile Seizure: 
" Febrile seizures are convulsions brought on by a fever in infants or small children. During a febrile seizure, a child often loses consciousness and shakes, moving limbs on both sides of the body. Less commonly, the child becomes rigid or has twitches in only a portion of the body, such as an arm or a leg, or on the right or the left side only. Most febrile seizures last a minute or two, although some can be as brief as a few seconds while others last for more than 15 minutes."

It's fairly common and it is possible that we experience more. 

So I write this because I am as a voice of a parent who hasn't ever experienced seizures and to hopefully help if anyone does. 

Lil got lots of rest yesterday and woke up at 1:30 hungry and eventually fell asleep at 4. I attribute this to the fact that she hadn't eaten all morning and to our lovely visit. 

Blessings to you mommas out there and hold your little a little closer today for me ;). 

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