Sunday, January 5, 2014

Lilly Mae : 20 months

Well...this month was a joy!! We celebrated Christmas and New Years and even survived a trip to the ER.

Can say: Happy birthday, Jesus, bubbles, bath, book, Bob, bird, in, outside, eggs, legs, up, help, diaper, 
Likes to sing happy birthday.
Learning gentle hands and no thank you.
Sometimes gets too excited and pinches.
Sensitive with clothing.
Her eczema was bothering her a lot this month.

Loves Bob and Larry
Veggietales are a favorite

Can do 'ashes, ashes, please sit down," on the tramp
Learning that "cheese" means smile.
Likes to cuddle
Favorite Toy: Larry the Cucumber
Favorite Story: Family book and Brown Bear, Brown Bear
Gives hugs and kisses
Knows her head, nose, eyes, ears, mouth, toes, bebo
Likes to show her nails to everyone (but faces them toward her)
Moves her hair out of her eyes

 Can make animal sounds: monkey, elephant, lion, dog, dinosaur, bear

 First visit to the ER (Jan 2)
First pee in the potty (Dec 30)
First trip to the zoo (Dec 29)
Loves bubbles and color fizzies in her bath.
Loves to eat cereal, especially Life and Cheerios
Likes to be a helper and clean up

Likes to eat applesauce.
Struggles with falling asleep in crib.
Good at following directions.
Likes to take us by the hand and hold our fingers.

Oh Lilly Bug! This month was full of adventures and busy schedules. You survived in more ways than one. God has blessed us with such a wonderful girl, who is kind and caring. Your joy for life is beautiful and you sure can crack us up. Every moment with you is a ray of sunshine and we are so thankful for you in our lives.

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