Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Faith: Belonging

It's taken me so long to sit and actually write this post.
Since having Little Miss and moving, that's 14 months, we've been in search for a church.
I hate to admit that we'd been church shopping. Errrr!!!
As much as I hate to say it, it's true.
We wanted so much to find a place where we belong.
Everywhere we went, people welcomed us. And I was always so eager to get involved.
Which is sort of a downfall, I'd get emotionally invested and then end up not staying at a church.

I don't like that about my personality, where I can be friendly, I often lead people on with my friendliness causing expectations to bet set and then not met.

I wish I didn't do that. I wish I was more cautious before finding my sense of belonging.

But I don't and so there are consequences! Lost friendships.

Which is so ironic as I am looking to belong.

It's so easy to feel lonely and as I entered into this new stage of motherhood i found myself constantly
looking for validation.

Was I doing a great job?

Would Little Miss be smart?

How did I look to others?

It is now that I realize that it doesn't really matter what they think.
I think as women we are constantly looking for validation, whether it's in a new stage like motherhood or an old familiar place like how we look.

A feeling of wanting to belong.

As I continue to find confidence in this new stage of life, there is no more comforting feeling than the one of a resting babe in your arms.

That is where I feel I belong.

That is where I know as a mother I have done well.

As a friend, I am learning to be intentional.

As a Christian, I am learning to find my confidence in God's arms. 

So as I continue to grow, thank you for reading and my prayer is that you too will find confidence as a woman, mommy, or wife. 

On another note.... We did find a church... the church that Hubby and I met at.  

God sure has a sense of humor!!!

And I'm so grateful for it!!

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