Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How to run in the heat

This past week we were swarmed with the 106 heat. UGH!!
It was disgusting to say the least. 
And I'm really not used to it. 
I never thought I could run in the heat, but this summer has allowed to prove myself wrong.

Here are some tips for running on hot days.

1. Try to get out early. Most of the time the heat doesn't begin till around noon.

2. Bring some water with ya. Always important to hydrate. ALWAYS!!

3. Dress lightly. I love my sweat tech tees. But my favorites are the loose fitted running tees. They are breathable and allow me to move and aren't restrictive.

4. Have fun! Try a new route, go an extra mile. Heat is hard and whatever you can do to spice it up makes for a better workout!

5. Don't get stressed if you don't make it out. It's hard for me to take REST days, but I need them. Running is my therapy and many times if I don't run, I get anxious. But sometimes it can really be just too hot and not worth the effort. Give yourself a break. Its good for ya!!

What are your tips for running in the heat? What weather makes it the most difficult to workout in? 

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