Saturday, July 27, 2013

Lilly Mae 14 months

Walking (June17)
Loves to eat
Favorite food: banana and Cheerios

Loves smoothies and juices
Loves gymnastics 
Her favorite tricks are forwards and backwards rolls
Gives kisses
Says mom, Gus Gus, dada, nana (banana) nom for more food

Points to mommy and daddy in pictures

Likes to climb stairs 
Loves swimming
Working in naps in crib
Likes to be read to
Likes to be chased

Still plays "where's Lilly"

Loves dogs
Says Gus Gus, up
Pretends to carry on a conversation

Loves bananas, chips, and whatever momma has in her hand

Sits on edge of pool till we countdown and say "Blastoff"
Can eat crackers alone (that's a bigger accomplishment for me)
Turns light switches on and off
Practicing signing 'again' and 'please'

Dear Lilly,
Wow!! Life is so beautiful with you a part of it. Every day we see how much you are growing. We are so proud of you. I pray that you will want to know God and that you will cling to Him during rough times. I love you so much. You may never understand how much of a blessing you are to our family!!

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  1. Hannah. She is adorable with those sweet cheeks and beautiful blue eyes. Enjoy every little moment - they grow too fast!


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