Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I DID IT: Recap of the Shamrockn Half Marathon

It finally happened. My goal of running a half marathon before Lilly turned a year, happened!!

I seriously couldn't be more excited and proud of myself (toot toot)

Anyway, it was the largest half marathon in Sacramento history with 7,500 participants.

That morning I was seriously nervous, visiting the restroom 5 times.

Its not the race that I worry about, its all the other variables that I can't control. Getting down there on time, finding a parking space, will Lilly be okay with out me?

And the list goes on...

We left the house at 6:30 and got down there at about 7:20. There was some traffic, but we managed to get down there fine, and a parking spot within walking distance to the stadium.

The race was held at Raley Field in Sacramento.

I was in Wave 2 and met my girlfriend from high school outside the stadium. We chatted and she got to meet Lilly. Then of course...

we had to go to the bathroom.

Wave 1 had already left and there were mere moments before we had to start.

She left to go to the rest room, but they said 25 seconds.

Then we waited for 7 minutes before we crossed the start line.

The other waves had crowded around the start line making it difficult for us to begin.

So she really could have gone to the rest room.

We ran 5 miles together and it was so fun getting to catch up with her.

Then the race got crowded and we had to split up.

Luckily she was understanding about me wanting to beat my PR time: 1:45

I ran by the American River trail and through downtown Sacramento.

There were bands playing throughout and people cheering.

it was so fun!!!

At about mile 8, I had been passing everyone, but this guy ran right by me.


I said 'I will pass him'

But he kept getting further away.

At about mile 10 he was within distance.

Mile 11...even closer

And up comes a hill and I just keep running, just keep running.

He was shoulder with me, but by the time mile 12 came I amped up my running.

I had to get to Steven and Lilly!!!

So I passed him :)

Then rounded the corner of the stadium and sprinted to the finish....

only to wait in a line to get out of the stadium :)

My dad said that Steven saw me right when I came in the stadium because eventhough everyone was wearing green, no one had an orange skirt too.

I didn't PR, but I'm super proud of my score 1:48, and my friend PR by 5 minutes.

It was a memory I will never forget!!

Have you ran a half marathon or a race that was life-changing?

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  1. Congrats, Hannah! That's awesome!

  2. Wow, how amazing! I have never managed more than 10k and am in total awe of anyone who runs a half.


    Kate x

  3. I am so impressed you did a half marathon! I've only run a 5k so you are a huge inspiration to me. :-)


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