Friday, March 1, 2013

Fitness week 9

This week went by soooo fast! I'm so excited to start Tone It Up's Bride series. I'm not attending any weddings but I love the challenges.

2 miles every day; run it. Walk it. Bike it.

March is here!!

Here is my week in fitness:

Saturday: 100 Burpee Challenge by Blogilates
Sunday: 11 mile run
Monday: yoga, 2 mile walk
Tuesday: yoga, Cupid Cardio/ 7 miles
Wednesday: 4 mile run, Love Your Booty workout by Tone it up
Thursday: Skinnygirl workout, 3 mile walk and some digging outside
Friday: planned (yoga am and morning run with friend)

I have been doing lots of reading on health and fitness.

It's been great!
I've gone 'vegan' this week thanks to Skinny Bitch.

However, reading Real Food has made me want a cow.
A real, fat, grass eating cow.
That way I can eat 'real' milk and not this pasteurized crud that is sold in the supermarkets.

This week I also made Black Bean Quinoa Burgers and Granola. Both I need to tweak the recipes before posting them.

But they are super yummy.

Did you catch my blog interview with Lauryn Evarts from The Skinny Confidential.
If not, check here.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
It's March, National Nutrition Month, let's get out and move and fuel up with healthy foods!!


  1. Can't wait for your recipes! I'm on a quinoa kick right now.

    1. Yes, I love quinoa. Its so versatile. Lilly loves it too :)

  2. Hannah...what I wouldn't give for HALF your motivation and energy. Your workout log puts mine to shame, but I love it. It's so inspiring!!! Heading over to read your interview now. And listen...if you find out how we can get our hands on a big, fat grass eating let me know. Ha! Thanks for linking up again sweetie!

    1. OH thanks ((((blush)))). I'm sure one of these weeks I'm gonna burn out :)

  3. So do you take Sat & Sun off? Your schedule is awesome! I'm visiting from Jen's. :)

    1. Thanks for visiting. Some times I take the weekend off. I usually walk/yoga Saturday and run my long distance on Sunday. :)


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