Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Week 12 Fitness

This week I've really been into the "whole food" concept.

That means whole milk.
And bacon.
And grass fed butter.


Well see how this all plans out.

Another tasty treat that I've been enjoying in the morning is cinnamon apples.

I just cut the apple into slices, throw it in a ziplock with about a teaspoon or two of cinnamon. They get pretty coated. So too much and you experience that awful cinnamon taste.

And cinnamon is good for digestion and regulating blood sugar.

This week in fitness I rested a lot more. The weather is warming up and I am thankful for evening runs but it's already a little too warm at 5.

Half Marathon is just a few days a way. I'll try to take some photos and post them on Instagram (littlemrshurley).

Saturday: yoga, 5 mile walk
Sunday: 4 mile run
Monday: Tone it up sandcastle workout and itty bitty abs.
Tuesday: 6 mile run
Wednesday: Skinnygirl yoga
Thursday: 5 mile walk
Friday: (planned) yoga, 2 mile run

Well hope you has a great week!! I'll be resting easy this week...well maybe!! And then we are off to Maui!! Is it sad that I really excited about yoga on the beach and running trails?!

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  1. GOOD LUCK ON YOUR RACE HANNAH!!!! I know you are going to kill that half marathon. You have been working your butt off and it is all going to pay off in a few short days. So excited for you!! It makes me want to pick out my half for the year :-) Take lots of pics!!!


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