Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Workout: Things I'm Loving

Here are a few things that I have really been into lately.
I am really loving fitness and although running is my cardio of choice, I like to add weights in also.

Karena and Katrina are the masterminds behind Tone it Up. It is not just a great place to find fun quick workouts that make ya sore, but you can also sign up for their meal plan. On top of that you are also supported by fellow Tone It Up Sisters. You can be encouraged thorugh twitter (#tiusisters) or through their app and Tone It Up community.

Kettle bell
I still don't own one, but I am desperate to try their exercises. They look so much fun. I am working my way towards the Cross fit craze, and this is where my passion is beginning.
I have become so desperate in wanting one that I have even looked into making my own.
Definitely not as cute as the ones in the store :)
Here are some of the exercises I've been wanting to try, and of course Tone It Up's version:

And last but not least is Blogilates. Cassey Ho is the mastermind behind Blogilates. She does some hardcore Pilates videos that are about 10-15 minutes. But they are CRAAAAZY!!

Check out this one:

Her webpage also features some yummy, healthy recipes. This Red Velvet Pancake looks delish:

What are your favorite workout plans? Any fun playlists or tunes that you must listen to?

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