Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lilly 9 months

So this is a month late because my computer needs more storage for all these pics :)

(10 months will be posted this week :)

Loves apples and blueberries, quinoa
Enjoys shredding napkins
Puts the bottom of water bottles in mouth (to help with teething)

Splashes in bath
Reaches for familiar people
Scooting forward
Likes sparkly things (oh boy ;)
Loves Nursery Rhymes
Likes to be sung to sleep with her lullaby
Top incisors and bottom incisors are swollen
Taken a little nap in crib
Has the pincer grip
Likes to eat Gerber puffs
Wears 12 month clothing
Sings along to "we're on our way to Granpa's farm"

My little girl is getting 'SOOOOOO BIG'!!

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